Friday, October 12, 2012

In gloriam domini nostri Iesu Christi!

O fortissimi ac beatissimi martyres! O uere uocati et electi in gloriam domini nostri Iesu Christi!
quam qui magnificat et honorificat et adorat, utique et haec non minora ueteribus exempla in aedificationem Ecclesiae legere debet, ut nouae quoque uirtutes unum et eundem semper Spiritum Sanctum usque adhuc operari testificentur, et omnipotentem Deum Patrem et Filium eius Iesum Christum dominum nostrum, cui est claritas et inmensa potestas in saecula saeculorum. Amen.
Passio XXI

Amen! Blessed are these martyrs, indeed and witnesses to the Church of Christ and the world still today ruled by the Dragon with serious head damage.

In my opinion the true story of Saints Perpetua and Felicity and their friends is even more remarkable in its depiction of the awful Sophie's choice style situation Jesus Christ leads Perpetua and the dignified and utterly loving manner in which He takes care of these newly born children of God.

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